Update Rees

IMPORTANT: You can only upgrade to this version if you are a registered user of Rees. Downloading any of these files is of no use unless you are actually registered to use them.

Before you download

If you already have Rees then it is best to use option (14.8) to automatically update the Rees program from the Web.

If your Rees application is not available for use (perhaps, for example, when you are repairing or replacing the server computer that your Rees runs on), then you can use this download option as an alternative way to obtain the latest Rees application files.

Download File

Update Rees

(9785kb). Updated: May 19 2022 @ 16:13:34.


1. Click on the Update Rees button above and choose to save the "reesxhb.exe" file to the folder on your network where the REES.exe program file is located (or was previously located, for the case of a server computer repair or reinstall).  This is typically the R:\REES folder.  If you are unsure of the correct location of your REES.exe program file then do not continue, instead use option (14.8) of Rees itself to perform an automatic update.

2. After the reesxhb.exe file has been saved, you will need to run it to self-extract the Rees application files.  If you are asked "Are you sure?" (or similar), then click the "Yes" or "Run" button to confirm.  When the "WinZip Self-Extractor" window appears, click the Unzip button to unzip to the same folder. When the files have been unzipped, click Close to exit from the WinZip Self-Extractor window.  This completes the manual update process.

Please note that the update will include the latest help file.

Should you require any help downloading these files, please call Rees Software on 0800 REES EZ (0800 733 739).  Before calling, please consult our support policy.


Rees Software takes no responsibility for any harm that may be caused to you, your computer, or your data from downloading any of these files. You should always check any program you download from the Internet for viruses before running it.