Recent Changes

This list is intended to keep users informed of the main changes made to each version of Rees as it is released. The latest version available on the Web site will be at the top of the list. For earlier changes refer to the Rees changes archive.

Version: 09-Feb-2021@08:00

Version: 15-Jan-2020@16:30

Version: 15-Jan-2020@8:00

Version: 31-Jul-2019@15:00

Version: 08-Feb-2019@08:30

Version: 19-Nov-2018@19:00

Version: 25-Jun-2018@10:00

Version: 18-Apr-2018@10:30

Version: 07-Nov-2017@07:00

Version: 07-Aug-2017@16:00

Version: 17-Jul-2017@17:00

Version: 26-May-2017@16:00

Version: 24-Feb-2017@17:00

Version: 15-Jan-2017@00:00

Version: 09-Dec-2016@15:00

Version: 25-Nov-2016@12:00

Version: 31-May-2016@15:00

Version: 14-Mar-2016@15:00

Version: 13-Dec-2015@15:30

Version: 23-Sep-2015@13:00

Version: 13-Jul-2015@15:30

Version: 28-Mar-2015@00:00

Version: 21-Jan-2015@13:00

Version: 19-Dec-2014@08:30

VERSION: 26-Nov-2014@08:30

VERSION: 20-Aug-2014@10:00

VERSION: 23-Jul-2014@12:30

VERSION: 03-Jun-2014@09:00

VERSION: 21-Mar-2014@10.00

VERSION: 07-Feb-2014@12:00

VERSION: 13-Jan-2014@13:00

VERSION: 20-Dec-2013@12:00

VERSION: 06-Dec-2013@12:00

VERSION: 09-Oct-2013@13:00

VERSION: 10-Sep-2013@16:30

VERSION: 25-Jun-2013@10:30

VERSION: 12-Apr-2013@08:30

VERSION: 24-Jan-2013@16:30

VERSION: 8-Nov-2012@12:00

VERSION: 8-Nov-2012@12:00

VERSION: 08-Nov-2012@12:00

VERSION: 14-Jun-2012@10:00

VERSION: 11-Apr-2012@16:00

VERSION: 26-Mar-2012@08:30

VERSION: 23-Feb-2012@12:00

For earlier changes refer to the Rees changes archive.