Benefits of using Rees



All Rees modules have a common look and feel about them; once you are familiar with one, it's simple to use another.

Refined features include help screens, hotkeys, macros and much more. Run multiple sessions of Rees from each PC without influencing user restrictions.

Add items ‘on the fly’ without leaving the screen you are in.


Full support provided

To be sure you are completely satisfied with Rees, we offer:

  • Initial support to cover set-up, installation, and training;

  • Continuing support -- we are on hand to listen to any suggestions you might have for customising or improving the software.

  • Our support desk offers professional comprehensive support, at no additional charge on a 0800 phone number or email

  • As our clients are spread throughout NZ we have an FTP site and program to enable us to get your data and assist like we are sitting right there beside you.


Cost competitive rental

Rees is available by rental only, this ensures you are not left with an out of date software package and enables you to easily budget for your software and support costs knowing they are relatively fixed. The rental includes updates to future Rees releases and off-site support (within reason). Rental excludes on-site installation and training, programming and after hours support.

We believe that once you have upgraded to Rees, you will never look back. As your business computing requirements grow, you'll find all your needs can be accommodated by Rees business software.



Rees offers the kind of features you would expect to find in a more expensive or complex system. While the ease of use of Rees is probably the main reason most businesses upgrade, there are other features worth noting.

  • Data is stored in industry-standard format. This means the information is easily accessible from products such as Report Writers and Microsoft Office. Most reports can be printed to a TXT tab delimited file for opening in other program applications.

  • We have provided one-key commands (called `Hot Keys') for instant display of a wide range of data on screen -- this minimizes the need for printed output.


Specific industry support

Rees has particular strength in supporting the special business needs of these types of businesses:

  • Timber and hardware merchants

  • Distribution contacts

  • Marine Sales and Service

  • Appliance Service Industry outlets

  • Motor vehicle sales and service centres

  • Service Industries

  • Paint and Panel centres

  • Electricians and contracts

  • Construction sector

  • Engineering Companies

  • Plumbers

  • Motor and Mower retailers

  • Builders

  • Courier and transport companies