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Rees Overview

Rees is a business software package for client/supplier databases , stock management, point of sale, financial, job and retail management, suitable for most small to medium sized businesses in New Zealand. Our product is modular based so you can add or subtract modules as your business develops. It is a versatile and hard-working business tool – powerful yet easy to use.

The Rees system includes the following features:

Our Debtors module allows you to record information about your clients. You can assign clients to an area, salesperson and department; sales figures are broken down into these categories for analysis. History can be retained for up to 120 months, and printed at any time.

Rocam
Web based access for your customers. Rocam provides the ability for your customers to view their own financial information with your business. They can view and print statements, invoices, and current quotes anytime, anywhere. Eliminate the telephone calls requesting copies of invoices or account balances.

Stock items can contain detailed records for inventory management. Product information can be automatically updated by using price book files. Stock levels are automatically updated from information entered on invoices, jobs, purchase orders, and creditors. Comprehensive stock pricing options, and tracking of multiple suppliers.

Full invoicing and quoting facilities. Stock information is retrieved from the product price book. Hot keys to quickly access history, stock, price options, etc. Bar code readers, cash drawers, and receipt printers are supported. Quotes convert to Invoices. Standard invoices can be generated. Client specific stock pricing functionality.

Purchase Orders
Enables you to order product from multiple suppliers, and record receipts against what was ordered. Orders can be generated based on your current stock quantities and the minimum/maximum stock levels specified for each item. Purchase order direct to jobs.

Job Costing
For job management, resource planning and progress claim billing. The fully-featured quoting system means quotations can be turned into jobs and edited. The ability to compare the finished job with the quotation makes full analysis possible.

Sales Orders
Enables you to record orders from customers, and to produce an invoice when the goods are received. Confirmations of back orders can be automatically generated, ready to be sent to clients. Reports provide details for back orders, broken down by stock items, suppliers, clients to enable efficient management of orders.

A comprehensive tool for managing your suppliers' invoices and payments. Interfaces with all major banking packages for direct credit payments. On each creditor's file you can view invoices and cheques, orders, unmatched packing slips and last 24 month spend at a glance.

Keeps track of your bank accounts, allowing you to check your current bank balances at any time. The value of any unpresented cheques is kept on record, so you can see what your true cash position would be if all cheques were presented.

Manage your GST calculations for either the payments or the invoice basis. Information is collected from transactions in the Debtors, Creditors, and Cashbook modules. At the end of your GST period you simply print a GST return and a report detailing all supporting transactions.

General Ledger
Full integration is possible with the GST, Creditors, Cashbook, Debtors, and Stock Control modules. Budgets and forecasts are standard. Allows up to 24 periods open. Report Writer to customise your financial reports. Standard and reversing journals easily maintained.

Direct Email
This feature includes the ability to e-mail individual reports/notes and send bulk e-mails for such things as statements, invoices or even customised letters by e-mail. The client and supplier database files have multiple e-mail address fields.

Direct Faxing
Direct Faxing lets you fax directly from Rees2000, without having to print the information first. It is globally available so that anything that can be printed can be sent directly to the fax instead, or as well as being printed, using your fax printer.

Bill of Materials
If you manufacture items, then you will find this tool very useful for building a list of stock items that represent the manufacture. Re-cost on the latest purchase and sell prices from the stock file. Bills can be exploded in the Invoicing/Quoting, Sales Orders, and Job Costing modules.

Vehicle Tracking
This module allows the recording of purchases and sales of vehicles as required by the New Zealand Police.

Serial Tracking
Is used to track serial numbers for stock items. Entered directly, or through the Purchase Orders, Invoicing, and Job Costing modules. Details recorded include the description, supplier, client, purchase order number, client reference, invoice number, amount and date, plus any additional notes.

Letter Writer
You can use the Letter Writer to create form letters for a variety of purposes, including marketing, overdue accounts, job recall, and follow-up. You can then personalise those form letters for any group of clients you specify.

Fax Writer
This module allows quick creation of memos, letters, and fax messages, using the clients' and creditors' addresses and fax numbers that are stored by Rees2000.