About Us

The Company

Rees Software & Systems Ltd was established in 1983 as an accounting/business software provider.  The first programs were designed to meet specific customer requirements and were for their sole use.

As the demand for computer-based accounting packages grew, Rees developed a suite of "Easy" programs to meet the needs of most small to medium-sized NZ businesses.  Deciding on the name for these programs was simple -- the programs were just so easy to use and understand.

In 1993 the ReesEasy software package was introduced to provide a more comprehensive, integrated accounting application to replace the functions of the Easy suite of programs. 

In 2000, Rees2000, was born - a bottom-up re-engineering of the ReesEasy package to interface directly with the new generation of 32-bit Microsoft Windows operating systems.  It follows the same basic principles of the Easy range -- flexibility and user-friendliness -- but with much more sophistication in the number of features offered. 

In 2015, we once again re-engineered the software and a new look and range of up to date features were added. The name of the program was changed to better reflect our brand and it is now simply called "Rees".

Year by year the Rees software package continues to be enhanced in line with advances in computer and communication technology.