Computer & Network Troubleshooting

This document provides information to assist you with securing your Rees data.

FileServer Registry Setup

The Windows computer that hosts the Rees programs and data files (the fileserver) must have the follow registry entry set to ensure that the Rees programs run reliably. The setting of the Windows Registry on the FILESERVER only needs to be done once and requires Administrator login.

Note: If you have a fileserver that is only using Microsoft SMB 1.x protocol this is not required.

For Microsoft Windows computers acting as fileservers and running the SMB 2.0+ protocol(s), this is MANDATORY and required.. This includes all Windows operating systems from Windows Vista including all server versions.



You can use the application "PowerShell" (as Administrator) to disable leasing. From within the PowerShell console use the command;

Set-SmbServerConfiguration -EnableLeasing $false -Force

Workstation Registry Setup

Every time the Rees program starts it checks to see if the registry settings on the workstation it is running on are set correctly. If the settings are not correct an attempt is automatically made to set the registry. If this fails and the registry is not set correctly a message will appear.

There is a delay of 10 seconds before this message will disappear and allow the program to continue. To enable the registry to be set correctly you must run the Rees program “as Administrator”.

Running Rees as Administrator; 1. Position the mouse pointer over the Rees shortcut on your workstation “Windows Desktop”
2. Click the right mouse button
3. Select “Run as administrator” - see below
4. You may get an additional dialog box asking you to “Allow” the program to run. Click on the “Allow” option.

The setting of the Windows Registry on the workstation only needs to be done once. You do not have to log into Windows as an Administrator in the future. The workstation must be rebooted if the registry is changed.

The following registry settings are set;

For when Microsoft SMB 2.0+ protocol on fileserver is being used.



Wireless Networks

Running Rees on computer workstations that are connected to a fileserver via a wireless network connection is not supported. This type of network connection does not provide a guaranteed reliable and permanent connection to the Rees data on the server. The network connection is subject to interference, delays and broken connections that can cause major corruption in the Rees data files. Do not use Rees on a wireless workstation.

Microsoft Search Service

There have been problems caused by the Windows Search/Indexing Service. The error reported by Windows is;

"The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process"

If you encounter these types of errors we recommend turning off the Windows Search/Indexing Service on the fileserver computer, or ensure that the service is not indexing the Rees data.

Antivirus Software

Antivirus software that is running on a file server and/or workstation must be configured so that all Rees program and data files are excluded from being scanned. Over the last few years many Rees users have experienced problems with their Rees data being corrupted by virus scanning software blocking access to the Rees files. Note also that virus scanners can also cause your entire system to run very slowly if they are not configured correctly.

Keeping Computers up to date (Windows Update)

Ensure that all the computers that you are using have ALL the latest Windows updates installed. This is particularly important for the latest version of Windows workstation and Server software. Pay particular attention to updating "device drivers" for network cards, printers etc… You should have in place a service contract with your IT technicians who will provide this service for you.

Power Supply

Computers rely on a clean stable power supply to operate reliably. Problems can be caused by power fluctuations that a user may not even notice at the time. Total power failure can cause major problems with the Rees data. You must ensure that the file server computer, at the very least, is protected by an uninterruptable power supply and all workstations should operate through a power surge protector. If you are operating in an area where there are industrial operations (such as engineering firms) you should take extra precautions to ensure your computer systems are isolated from any equipment that may disrupt the power supply.

Power Management

The fileserver computer must have power management setup to NEVER sleep and be ALWAYS ON, with the exception of a display if one is attached. Please ensure that network cards also have power management set to be ALWAYS ON to avoid unexpected errors from communication being lost between the fileserver and workstations.

Backup and disaster recovery

Your Rees data is a vital part of your business. What would you do if you came into work one morning and your Rees data was gone? How would you recover from that situation? If you do not have backup copies of your Rees data then you are in a very difficult situation. Even if you have been doing backups, how old are they? Where are the backups kept? Hopefully not on the same computer that has the live Rees data and preferably at a different location so that in the event of a fire the backups are not destroyed too. In conjunction with your IT service provider you must have a proper backup and disaster recovery plan in place.